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Bóle kręgosłupa? To nie musi boleć !
Przyjedź zobacz lub zadzwoń, uzyskasz  fachową pomoc.


Mój Adres:

ul. Łabędzia 10 

55-100 Księginice koło Trzebnicy

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Uwaga:  Aby zarezerwować termin wizyty online należy być zalogowanym a następnie kliknąć przycisk "Rezrwacja Wizyty". Jeżeli nie są Państwo zalogowani wówczas nastąpi przekierowanie do strony logowania i rejestracji online. Po zalogowaniu można wybrać jedną z dostępnych możliwości  i zarezerwować termin wizyty.  

Dla pacjentów ze Strzelina rezerwacja wizyt. 

About me:

I am a chiropractor and rehabilitator. I have been practicing chiropractic for several years. Collaboration with a neurologist


My motto:

"The more you know and can do, the better you can help others"

Zeskanuj kod QR i pobierz naszą aplikacje na telefon, rezerwuj wizyty online przez telefon .


To make a reservation, you must be logged in to the website. Only after logging in to the website, the booking tab will be unlocked automatically and you will be able to book your appointment online. If you do not have a login to the website yet, select log in and then register or choose one of the social networking sites. Logging in is necessary to make a reservation in the booking tab. We do not make reservations via the contact form.  

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 Reservations can be checked on your profile by clicking My Reservations - if there is an entry there, it means that the reservation was made correctly. In addition, when we mark the text message notification during the booking process and provide our phone number, a reminder message should come 24 hours before the visit. The reservation can be canceled or moved to another date up to 3 hours before the visit. After this time, when there is less than 3 hours until the visit, to make changes or cancel,   please call the contact numbers listed in the footer of the page. 


Patients from Strzelin make reservations by calling the contact numbers provided in the footer of the page.  

I do:
  •  Chiropractic

  • Massages

  • Assessment and support of the child's development from 2 weeks old

  •  Neuropressure, NeuroRehabilitation

  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation

  • Hippotherapy

  • Shiatsu

  • Shantala

  • Acupressure




Please bring medical documentation and tests (not only disc descriptions, photos) to your appointment if Country have them. 

We also inform you that patients oncology patients during treatment i po cured during the protection period must have a written consent of the oncologist to perform manual therapy or massage.   

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From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm 16:00 we recommend online registration. Telephone registration during these hours may be difficult. The preferred registration number is: 531898400.


For your convenience, the PayPal online payment service has been launched. When selecting a service on the right, choose whether you want to pay in person or online and follow the further instructions.


Please be advised that the hours of visits are indicative due to the fact that each patient has different disease entities, which is closely related to the duration of his visit. 

You're welcome !!!

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